Saturday, August 18, 2018
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 WALB2  The Good Doctor 20/20 20/20 "Buried Secrets"WALB News at 11Ent Tonight
 WPBA Betty WhiteDionne WarwickGrateful Dead: Downhill From Here  
 WBTV  Pink Collar Crimes (N)48 Hours 48 Hours "Grapes of Wrath"WBTV News 3In Depth 
 WSWG3  Family G.Family G.Bob BurgersBob BurgersSeinf.Seinf.King-QueensMovie
 WAGA-TV  MasterChef MasterChef Fox5 News (N)FOX 5 NewsHell & Back
 WALB  America's Got Talent "Live Quarter Finals 1"Dateline NBC WALB News at 11Sat. Night Live
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